CJ (1011)

CJ (1011)

Digga D

Digga D



Ice (1011)

Ice (1011)



Johnny 5ive

Johnny 5ive











Sini Sayso

Sini Sayso

Splasha (1011)

Splasha (1011)




Sini Sayso x Juice - 10 Or 11

(1011) ZK x Digga D x Mskum x Sav'O x Horrid1 - No Hook

Digga D - Mad About Bars

Digga D x ZK x Sav'O - Mad About Bars

Digga D - With Intent

Digga D x Sav'O x Horrid1 - Play For The Pagans

ZK x Russ x Taze - Anti

Zk x British - Tap It 2.0 (Back2Back)

Digga D x Sav'O x T.Y - Guess Who's Back

Digga D x Sav'O x AP x Loose1 - Who's On What?

Digga D x Sav'O x AP x MSkum x R9 - Riders

Digga D - Let's Get it

JDF x Digga D x MSkum - My Hittaz

Digga D x Sav'O x T.Y - Next Up? Part 1

Digga D x T.Y - Next Up? Part 2

Digga D - Carns Hill Challenge

Loose1 x Johnny 5ive x Digga D - Armed & Violent

Digga D - The Truth 1.5

Sav'O x Horrid1 x Digga D - Aint Learning 2

Digga D x Sav'O - Kill Confirmed

Digga D - The Truth

Sav'O x ZK x Digga D - No Porkies

Sini Sayso - Next Up? Part 1

Sini Sayso - Next Up? Part 2

Sini Sayso - Lightwork Freestyle

Sini Sayso x T.Y - Getting All Long

Sini Sayso x T.Y - Tek No Chat

Sini Sayso - Here For Keeps

ZK x Sini Sayso x JDF x Loose1 - Assistance 2.0

Rack5 x AP x ZK - Ediats

Digga D - The Truth, Pt. 2

Russ x Taze x LD x Digga D x Ms Banks x Lethal Bizzle - Gun Lean Remix

AP x Russ - Witness Statements

Digga D x Sav'O - Who?

ZK x Splasha - No Chattings

Rack5 x ZK x Splasha - Block Bullies

Loose1 - 100 Man

Loose1 - When WIll It End

Loose1 - Fishing

Loose1 - Loyal To Lyca

Loose1 - Behind Barz

Loose1 x Sini Sayso x TY x JDF - Str8 To Da Point

Loose1 - Anywhere

Loose1 - Trapline Goals

Loose1 - Off White

Loose1 x Tallest Trapstar x Beluga Ice - 3 Amigos

Loose1 x MashPies (GL) - Let's Boogey

Loose1 - Frozen

Loose1 x JDF x Splasha - I Spy

Loose1 - Hot Summer

Loose1 - Smoke On Peds

Loose1 - Freestyle (Scoreboard remix)

Loose1 x Johnny 5ive x TY - Scores are 12 - 1

Loose1 - Violence

Loose1 x JDF - That's Us

Loose1 x Sini Sayso x JDF - Loyal To Lyca 2

Loose1 - Check The Score

Loose1 x MashPies (GL) - What's All The Gossip

Loose1 - Trap Goes Dead

Loose1 x Digga D - Drillings On Drillings

Loose1 - No Face

Loose1 x TY x Sini Sayso x MSkum x Ice - Madness

Loose1 - 10 Bop

Loose1 x Sav'O - Why So Chatty?

Loose1 x R9 - Whip

Loose1 - Anyone Gets It

Loose1 x Splasha - Fredo Nearly Got Shot

Loose1 x MashPies (GL) x Relly Ren - Most Wanted

Loose1 x TY x Ice x CJ - We Mad

Digga D - P4DP (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D - No Diet (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D x Sav'O - Imagine (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D x Aystar - They Wanna Know (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D - Never Fear (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D - What's Love (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D x KO - I Heard (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D - Shotty Shane (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D - Double Tap Days (Double Tap Diaries)

Digga D - 6 + 4 (Double Tap Diaries)

1011 - Westwood Crib Session [Full Version]

Rack5 - Preeing

Rack5 x ZK - 3 Piece

Russ x Digga D - Mr Sheeen

Horrid1 - Back My Chat

Sav'O x Horrid1 - Violent Siblings