Dimzy x Monkey x K-Trap - Funds (Dim The Lights)

Dimzy x ASAP x K-Trap - Pave & Stage (Dim The Lights)

K-Trap - Badness (No Magic)

K-Trap - Mask Off (No Magic)

K-Trap - Different (No Magic)

K-Trap x AJ - Young Fly (No Magic)

K-Trap - Change (No Magic)

K-Trap x Headie One - No Caller (No Magic)

K-Trap x Donae'o - Stay Safe (No Magic)

K-Trap x Rv - No Mask (No Magic)

K-Trap - Gunshots (No Magic)

K-Trap - Big Mood (No Magic)

K-Trap - Again (No Magic)

LD x K-Trap - Coolin (All I See Is Smoke)

LD x K-Trap - Fuck Around (All I See Is Smoke)

LD x K-Trap - 10K (All I See Is Smoke)

LD x K-Trap x Lil T - Squeeze Off (All I See Is Smoke)

RV x Headie One x K-Trap - Roddy Ricch (Drillers x Trappers 2)

Headie One x K-Trap - Work (The One Two)

Headie One x K-Trap - Intent (The One)

K-Trap x Mischief - Flick Of The Wrist (No Order)

K-Trap x Mischief x Youngs Teflon - Trap Line Bling (No Order)

K-Trap x Mischief - Active (No Order)

K-Trap x Mischief - Stolen Truck (No Order)

K-Trap x Mischief x LD - Project Living (No Order)

K-Trap x Mischief - Block Workout (No Order)

K-Trap x Mischief - Wrapping It Up (No Order)

K-Trap x Mischief - Twice (No Order)

K-Trap x Dimzy - Last Time (Hurt Your Parents Feelings)

Reekz MB x K-Trap x Monkey - No Chat Just Violence (Right & Wrong)

K-Trap x Mischief x Harlem Spartans - Spartan (No Order)

K-Trap - The Re-Up (The Re-Up)

K-Trap - Watching (The Re-Up)

K-Trap - Gossip (The Re-Up)

K-Trap x Yxng Bane - Deserve Me (The Re-Up)

K-Trap x Sharna Bass - Wild & Winning (The Re-Up)

K-Trap - A to B (The Re-Up)

K-Trap x D-Block Europe - All Year (The Re-Up)

K-Trap x Loski - Easy Sport (The Re-Up)

K-Trap - In Season (The Re-Up)

K-Trap - Anything Else (The Re-Up)

LD x K-Trap x R6 x DoRoad - Never Been Safe (The Masked One)

K Trap X LD (67) - Edgware Road (The Re-Up)